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Contacting others as always been an important tool of recovery, and internet instant messaging systems are an easy, efficient and economical way to do this. Therefore, we have initiated two programs - The Recovery ICQ Angels and the Recovery IM Angels. Members of our group volunteer their private ICQ and IM details so you can message them with questions about recovery, when you need support or just want to chat. There are a range of people at different stages on recovery on both lists. These lists are private; however, if you are a member of one of our loops - you may request a copy of the ICQ and/or IM directory:

For ICQ, please send your ICQ nickname, number and the name of one or more loops you are on to:recoveryicq@yahoo.com

For IM, please send your IM nickname and the name of one or more loops you are on to: recoveryim_join@yahoo.com

Thanks to the support of our friends in Recovery we call ICQ Angels, we have a support system which uses the instant message program, ICQ. There is a great mix of people from different Recovery lists and at different stages of recovery.

What is ICQ?
"ICQ ('I seek you') is a user-friendly Internet program that notifies you which of your friends and associates are online and enables you to contact them. With ICQ you can chat and send messages.... With the click of your mouse, you and your friends are instantly connected." [ICQ website]

How do I get ICQ?
Go to www.icq.com or www.download.com and download the program. The ICQ website has a wealth of information about all of its features. Also, you will find great help information there.

How do I get a number?
"When you install ICQ, the program asks you to register at a server which is connected to a broad network of servers spanning the Internet. At the time of registration you receive a unique ICQ number." [ICQ website] (It sounds difficult, but it is really easy to do.)

How much does it cost?
Like many of the best things in life, it is absolutely free.

I have WebTV and can't get ICQ to work. Why?
WebTV users cannot use ICQ since ICQ requires the ability to directly read and writes files from a hard disk (an option which WebTV users do not have). WebTVusers can use IM. E-mail recoveryim_join@yahoo.com for more information.

People are sending me messages warning of dire things like an ICQ virus and a charge for using ICQ. Is this true?
No. Go to http://diamond-back.com/icqlies.html to confirm any information you receive. There is a good chance it is a joke from someone with nothing better to do with their time.

I want to be on the Directory, but I don't want my family to see my Recovery contacts. I am worried my kids will be online when someone wants to chat with and I am not there. What do I do?
No problem!! You can have as many ICQ Registered Users as you want on one computer. Simply click ICQ->Add/Change Current User->Register a New User #. You can have a completely different file just for ICQ Recovery. Isn't that neat?

Please e-mail icqrecoveryjoin@yahoo.com the following details:

     Your name: (first name and initial are fine)
     Your ICQ Nick:
     Your ICQ Number:
     Name of one mailing list: (for security purposes)

Once you have done this, we will send you an e-mail, and then the ICQ contact list by ICQ.

If you have questions, please reply directly to this e-mail address, so we can answer faster. We look forward to meeting you.

Wishing you a Higher Powered day of Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom,

The Recovery ICQ Coordinators

Instant Messenger FAQ
Dear Recovery Friends:

The telephone has always been an important tool of recovery. As communications technology has changed, internet instant messaging systems have taken a larger role in our "recovery toolbox."

The first instant messaging system to be widely used in recovery was ICQ. However there are some people who are unable to access this service, namely WebTV users. For this reason, it was decided to start an extra directory in addition to the ICQ Recovery directory, based upon a program called the Microsoft Instant Messaging system. WebTV users are able to access this service, as well as everyone reading this list.

How do I use the IM Directory?
In times of happiness, sadness, or need for strength, you may want to talk to someone right now. Just fire up your instant messenger and see who is online. Some of the people who are signed on are there because they need help; some want help others; and many want to message or chat. There is a great mix of people from different Recovery lists and at different stages of their recovery.

What is the MSN Instant Messager?
The instant messenger is a small program from Microsoft that lets you know when your friends are online and enables you to share instant messages and chats. It is available for PC and Macintosh users. It is freeware and costs nothing to download or use.

What is the difference between the ICQ and IM Directory?
ICQ is the main Recovery Directory and currently has quite a few people as members. The program has a variety of features that the IM service doesn't, including being able to send short messages to people who are offline when you are online. However if you are looking for a small, easy to use program, IM may be for you! If you are interested in the ICQ directory, send an email to: icqrecoveryjoin@yahoo.com

Can I use my Netscape/AOL/Yahoo/ any other email address?
Unfortunately at this stage, the three IM services are not compatible. However it is very easy to obtain a passport address by simply going to www.passport.com and registering. This will allow you to keep your email address, and still use the IM services.

Do I have to use the MSN Instant Messenger Program?
Although it hasn't been tested by IM Directory Members, there is now a program called Imici, Interoperable Instant Messenger which claims you can use it to contact with all the messaging systems. More information can be found at: http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,,66147,html

For Macintosh users, there is a program called Fire.App. It does the same thing as Imici, but on Mac. It is only available for OS X, though. More information can be had at the developer's site: http://www.epicware.com/"

How Do I Download The Program? - (non-WebTV users)
"To download the program, go to http://messenger.ninemsn.com.au" and follow the links. It is a very easy to use and fast-downloading program. It is available for both Macintosh and PC. You need to have a MSN passport, or hotmail address to register. (See Above)

How Do I Use The Program - (WebTV users)
"Please go here: http://help.webtv.net/features/msnmessenger/index.html" to find out answers to your questions. You should already have it installed on your system.

How do I sign up for the IM Directory?
If you have an IM address and would like to be added to the directory, please send the following information to me:

     Your Name:
     IM Nick::
     IM Email Address (if different from IM Nick):
     The name of one (or more) Recovery mailing list you are on (for security purposes)

In the welcome message that I send to the Directory Members, is it OK for me to include the name of the Recovery list(s) that you subscribe to?


Please send all of this information. Otherwise it will take longer to add you to the directory. Once I have the information, I will add you to the directory and send you the list of Directory Members. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please reply to my email address recoveryim_join@yahoo.com so I can answer it faster. Wishing you a day filled with abstinence and peace.


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