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What is an Email Loop?

An email "loop" is a group of people who send email to each other on a particular discussion topic. When you join the loop, you receive email messages from everyone else in the loop, and when you reply to a loop message, your email message goes out to everyone else in the loop too. The Recovery Group has many email loops centered around recovery from compulsive eating and eating disorders. Some of the loops center just on the recovery topic, while others include a secondary topic, such as "Pregnancy and Motherhood" for pregnant women who are working on food issues, or a special focus such as Abuse, Spending, Diabetes, Kids, and so many more. Some loops are very large and very active, with a great deal of email every day. Others are very small and intimate with much less email. If you try one loop and it doesn't work for you, keep trying! We each have our own special needs, and most of us eventually find the loop that works best to help us with our particular recovery needs.

How do I join a Recovery Email Loop?

Before you join an email loop, there are some terms you need to know:

SUBSCRIBE.....Join an email loop

UNSUBSCRIBE.....Get off an email loop

EMAIL MESSAGES.....Receive each email message individually

DIGEST.....Receive all email in one large, daily email message

NO MAIL.....Receive no email temporarily while you are on a trip or vacation

HTML.....Receive email with colored fonts and special formatting, slower to send and receive

NO HTML.....Receive email with plain text only, faster to send and receive

The Recovery Group Community has many different support groups. Dozens of them, in fact. To read about all our support groups, studies, sponsor programs, recovery writings, OA Online Meetings, etc., please visit our website at our main page there is a link to all our loops and programs and you can join right from that loop's home page. Or you can send a blank e-mail address to: You will receive a confirmation within a minute or so and to confirm your membership, you should click reply, type "OK" and then send.